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Erhan 869bg
Backgammon Boards

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The Artisans

Erhan Doğrusöz in his backgammon workshop

Erhan Doğrusöz is passionate about backgammon, so much so that he gave up a successful industrial kitchen business to concentrate on developing and building quality handmade backgammon boards. Initially, quite understandably, this change of career did not go down too well with his wife Özlem!

Erhan Doğrusöz backgammon champion

His persistence and dedication have paid off and his boards are now in great demand around the world.

In order to know what players want from a backgammon board, you need to play the game yourself. Erhan is an excellent player and in 2013 was the WBF Turkey Champion.

Özlem Doğrusöz

Özlem is a respected English teacher in Istanbul and is an artist in her own right. She puts her creativity to great use, designing and making custom cases and covers to compliment Erhan’s work.

She is currently working on developing a range of accessories to accompany the boards.

Their History

Erhan creates his first board.

First 'prize board' ordered by WBF

Became the official supplier of boards to Galatasaray Sports Club.

Erhan won the WBF Turkey Championship

Partner Tim Line joins the team, as the exclusive distributor of Erhan’s 869bg backgammon boards in Europe.


"This is very excellent work and a terrific value."

Taki Morioka, Master Board Maker