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Erhan 869bg
Backgammon Boards

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Design and order "the board of your dreams"

Often referred to as 'the oldest game in the world', backgammon can be traced back over 5000 years. Over that period of time, the game has gone through many changes to bring it to what we recognise today. Backgammon boards have also changed over the years and nowadays there is an incredible amount of choice in styles, materials and price.
Playing on a board of quality always improves the playing experience, but the costs of many boards make them prohibitively expensive to most people. Erhan's 869bg backgammon boards provide you with a solution.

Ancient game of backgammon

Create your own special and personal board so you can experience the maximum pleasure while playing this ancient game.
Erhan Doğrusöz backgammon board workshop
Every board is unique and hand made by Erhan to your specifications in his workshop in Istanbul.

Let your imagination run wild!
We do not believe you will find a custom leather backgammon board of this quality for less than double the price anywhere in the world.


Erhan has been developing his boards since 2007. He is always striving to improve and has made a number of alterations to his original design over the years. The positive feedback he is now receiving from around the world speaks for itself.



Erhan's boards are fully customisable and are individually made to your design. The options available allow you to create a unique, personal and special board that you will treasure for years. We will work with you to achieve this.



Cost prohibits many people from from owning a 'special' board. Erhan is dedicated to keeping the price as low as possible without compromising on quality. He works with his distributors to keep the price the same where ever you live in the world.