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Erhan 869bg
Backgammon Boards

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"I have been playing backgammon for 55 years. Long ago I realized that the game was far more enjoyable when played on a quality backgammon board. The board must be large, solid, and beautiful to the eyes. The checkers must feel right and move easily across the surface, but not too easily or they slide off the points. The dice must bounce, but not too much. I have owned and played on boards that cost thousands of dollars, but I have never played on a board that is more satisfying than an Erhan board. I immediately fell in love with it, contacted Erhan and Özlem, and became the North American distributor in April, 2014. I sold almost 40 boards in the first 60 days. The backgammon world recognizes quality and value. I have only had one dissatisfied customer, and we offered to replace his board or refund his money. Erhan stands behind his work."
- Phil Simborg - Professional backgammon player, author, teacher and lecturer. - Chicago, USA

"As I am now the happy owner of an 869BG board and was able to play on different models in Istanbul from personal experience I felt able to nominate 869 & TC Erhan Doğrusöz for the category of Board Designer in the British Backgammon Awards 2014. These boards have quality and are great to play on and at a price that is difficult to beat. Thanks again Erhan for a beautiful board."
- Ian Hesketh - Edinburgh, Scotland

”This is a brief note to let you know that my backgammon ensemble from Erhan Doğrusöz has just arrived. Everything came through in good shape. The set is a very beautiful creation, and arguably the best value tournament-size set currently available for United States consumers. I should add that the carry bag is a minor work of art in its own right.”
- Bob Stoller - Famous board collector and owner of more than 6 dozen backgammon boards. - Anchorage, Alaska, USA

"The board arrived today. Very nice, thank you."
- Peter Anderson - Kirkland, Washington, USA

"I like my new board and can't wait to use it."
- Ted Chee - California, USA

"... you both have been fabulous to deal with & I am sure I will get years of great use out of this beautiful board. Also I love the dice cups... Feel really nice. Bottoms appear to be same foam material as the playing field surface."
- Alexander 'Zan' Harvey - Leesburg, Virginia, USA

The custom made prize backgammon boards arrived today for the Wisconsin State Backgammon Championships, and they look and feel fantastic! I'm delighted with the finish, the craftsmanship, and the quality. I know that everyone will want one!"
- Keene Marin - Wisconsin, USA

"I played a match with Alan Martin on one of his beautiful Erhan boards. When he told me the low price I could not believe it, because it looked so nice, and appeared to be very well made. The leather was beautiful texture. I bought a replacement surface for my Taki board from Alan. and the surface rolls and looks great. I even changed the colors, that I have been used to for 11 years. It is a great product, not just because of the price, but because of the superior quality. I highly endorse these very well made Erhan boards."
- Steve Sax, USA