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Backgammon Boards

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Board Construction

The boards are currently all made the same size. The external dimensions of the cases are 737mm x 552mm (29" x 21¾") open and 368mm x 552mm (14½" x 21¾") closed. The playing surface dimensions are 270mm x 525mm (10⅝" x 20⅝") for each side. The checkers are 44mm (1¾") in diameter and the weight is approximately 4.8Kg (10lbs 8oz).

The cases

The cases are made from a high quality medium density fibreboard (MDF). This type of Turkish MDF is better than the usual standard because it contains a high quantity of hardwood in its construction. MDF is extremely stable in all temperatures and will not twist or warp like normal wood can. The corners of the case are joined with finger joints, which makes the cases extremely strong. They are then glued using a very strong glue unique to Erhan.

In Turkey great extremes of heat can be experienced with temperatures inside a locked car on hot days reaching 60°C. These extremes can cause the glue to become brittle and crack or even to melt. Erhan eventually collaborated with a basketball maker and with some experimentation developed an incredibly strong variation of the glue used in balls. The result is a glue that is completely resistant to extremes of temperature. Erhan's first board, made over 7 years ago has been subjected to these extreme's of temperature and is still in regular use. Images to follow soon.

The leather

Erhan uses Faux leather for his boards. This is not 'real leather', but is much more resiliant and hard wearing. As an example, if you were to run your fingernail across a real leather, it would almost certainly leave a mark. With Faux leather, this does not happen and Erhan only chooses types that don't mark easily. The alligator, crocodile, snakeskin and pebbled leathers are more hardwearing than smooth ones to everyday bumps and knocks.

Once your order has been received your choice will be sourced from one of the many leather suppliers in Istanbul. The leather is then applied to the case with great care and fixed once again with powerful glue.

The playing surface

The playing surface is made of a rubber backed flock material. It is completely washable and 'accidents', such as red wine spills, can be easily wiped off. It also allows the printing of any design, allowing you to choose the colours of the surface, colours and shape of the points and the inclusion of any pictures, designs or logos that you may wish to incorporate.


The surface produces the perfect 'bounce' for the dice and allows the checkers to slide just enough but not too much to be slippery.

Replacement surfaces for your existing board can also be ordered.

The hardware

Erhan uses high quality locks, hinges and corner protectors which are available in either brass or nickel.

The dice cups

The dice cups are made from the same leather used to cover your board and incorporate a lip to 'trip' the dice, ensuring a random roll.

Bags and covers

Erhan's wife, Özlem is now making some very nice accessories to accompany your new board. Hand made from either cloth or leather, these covers and cases can again be customised to suit your needs with the addition of logos and designs.