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Backgammon Boards

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Erhan Doğrusöz

Educated at Technical High School and then Marmara University Sport Academy

Prior to 2007 Erhan was a professional Volleyball player before moving on to work in the family business building industrial kitchens.

Erhan has always tried to do the unusual, looking to do things that no one else is doing. One example of that while working the family business was designing and building stainless steel tables for Veterinary Surgeons.

Then in 2007 Erhan decided to give all that up and start making backgammon boards. It would be fair to say that Özlem was not initially thrilled at this change in direction, seeing the board making as just a hobby. However, Erhan’s determination and resolve has paid off and his work as a backgammon board maker is now respected around the world.

Since 2007 he has supplied boards to the following organisations and tournaments:

  • WBF Europe - Marco Fornasir - European Championship prize boards
  • WBF Turkey - Arda Findikoglu - Tournament prize boards. (Bursa, Istanbul, Ankara, Bodrum,
  • Norway Backgammon - Oslo League Championship boards.
  • Galatasaray Sports Club - Official backgammon boards.
  • ABT Tournament Prize Boards - (Chicago, Los Angeles, Wisconsin)
  • Armenian Backgammon Federation - Prize boards
  • Fiesta Casino Cruise Boards.

  • Erhan has now recruited an exclusive distributor for his boards in Europe - Tim Line

    Erhan says: - "My main concern has always been to make my customers happy and for them to feel 'special' while they play on their boards. We may not be perfect, but our aim is to constantly improve. I have a great respect for other backgammon board artists and I believe that we should all be judged by our individual talent and creativity and should not imitate each other. The testimonials of my customers are of great value to me because unless they are satisfied, I will never be either. If there is ever a problem with a board, I will remain with them until it is resolved.

    Trust and goodwill is something that is felt through continents and is the result of meeting peoples wishes with our art (and a little magic) to make their dreams come true. We believe that everyone should have the privilege to be able to design their own unique boards according to their preferences and in turn our aim will be to create the board of their dreams." - Erhan Doğrusöz - 2014

    Özlem Doğrusöz

    Özlem studied English Literature at university and is now a respected English teacher in Istanbul. Many of her clients are professionals, such as doctors, dentists, engineers etc.

    After Özlem's initial trepidation regarding Erhan's career change, she quickly realised that this was much more than a hobby, but something he was passionate about. She has become an essential part of the team, organising everyday running of the business and liaising with clients around the world.

    Naturally artistic herself, Özlem now creates beautiful leather, suede and cloth board bags and covers to compliment and protect Erhan’s boards.

    She is now working on developing a range of backgammon accessories. Watch this space............

    Özlem says: - "To tell the truth, things did not come to this point automatically. We have passed through many years to settle it. When he first decided to make backgammon boards and leave his secure job, I got really mad at him as I only saw it as a hobby or second job."